The Race

Edition 4 will take place from July 7 to July 10 2021
in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Registration start: 1.2.2021

Pro Race

12 – 22 Turnpoints, distance over 180 – 300 km. Competition experts (X-alps Participants, Mountain Guides, Winners of long Hike&Fly-Competitions as well as test pilots) with high alpine experience, a high-level physical and mental condition is an absolute prerequisite for this category.

Challenge Race

14 – 18 Turnpoints, distance over 100 – 200 km. Experienced pilots, specially in high alpine take offs and landings with a good physical and mental condition is a must. Participation in other Hike&Fly-Competitions is a plus.

Eigertour Academy

Experience Switzerland’s number one Hike&Fly-Adventure in the impressive Jungfrau Region amongst world top pilots in a safe ambiance. Guided Eigertour with a hike & fly professional develops on a given daily track and a common overnight stay. Valid paragliding licence, physical condition and motivation to explore needed. Includes daily meteo briefings, tips and tricks for your mental and flying skills.


Eigertour takes place over four days in July in Grindelwald in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The unsupported hike-and-fly race requires the competitors to fly from mountain hut to mountain hut, top landing at each one to taking a selfie, possibly wolfing down a coffee and cake, before launching and racing by foot and by sky to the next one.

Eigertour offers two courses, a challenge race and a pro race, with the objective that 80% of pilots should reach goal in each. Selection for either is not automatic, however: pilots in both races have to demonstrate high alpine take off and landing experience.

Race creator and X-Alps and Vercofly veteran Michael Witschi combined the best elements of both races in the area where he learned to fly, the bernese Alps. «Having to land, you get a whole different experience of the Alps switching between bird and man.» he says. «All these beautiful huts in Switzerland: they provide shelter, food, toilet and even safety if needed. At the end you don’t need a supporter, which makes the freedom even bigger compared to the X-Alps and of course also cheaper and easier to plan.»

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