Academy ED.3 Andrew McCarthy Switzerland
Looking forward to my first hike and fly event.
Academy ED.3 Moret Olivier Switzerland I'm looking forward to get introduced into the hike&fly adventure. Hopefully i will get the chance to challenge myself and join the race in the upcomming years!
Challenge Race ED.4 Nikles Simon Switzerland Eager to discover this area flying
Challenge Race ED.2 Boris Kovac Slovakia I am full time pilot living in the Julian Alps looking for challanges in Hike&Fly. When I saw Eigertour last year I knew that my wishes came true! I am toplanding addicted always looking for challenging places to take off and top land and this is the first competition which tests these skills.
Pro Race ED.2/ED.3 Lars Meerstetter Switzerland Nach einem super Anlass im letzten Jahr freue ich mich auf schöne Flüge und Eindrücke in diesem Jahr.
Challenge Race ED.4 Anesh Narsai New Zealand I achieved my paragliding endorsement in 2016 as a means for descending mountains during solo pursuits. Upon realising the potential of hike & fly paragliding, I retired from all other mountain sports to focus on this format of paragliding - I can’t wait to test my skill in the Swiss Alps during the Eiger Tour event!
Academy ED.4 Bendicht Witschi Switzerland Co-Owner of Witschi Service GmbH - looking forward to immerge in our Race.
Challenge Race ED.1 Maximilian Lorenz Germany I am 29 years old and I like to spend my time as much outdoor as possible. About the Eigertour I like the Idea of switching the mode of hiking and flying several times during the day because launching and top landing are one of the most fun parts for me. I have been to the Eiger area only a few times and this competition is a good way to get to know the place better.
Academy ED.4 Sergejus Kuprescenka Lithuania I am new to H&F races, but love to hike occasionally. Started flying paragliders in 2006 and used to work as a tandem pilot for local school in Lithuania.
Challenge Race ED.4 Cagnard Vincent France Love the pure joy of mountain takeoff and landing.
A good way to discover this area in summer time.
Challenge Race ED.2 Matthijs Groeneveld Belgium I love hike and fly and what a priveledge to be doing that in this awesome area. Im looking forward to fly with you all!
Challenge Race ED.4 Robin Larsen Norway Norwegian paraglider and traveller.
Challenge Race ED.3 Peter Zurbuchen Switzerland Neue Herausforderung
Challenge Race ED.2 Roberto Alberti Italy I like the concept behind this race. Not many kms on tar road but alpine huts and top landings to make it difficult.
Pro Race ED.3 Michal Gierlach Poland Let's have some fun above Swiss glaciers!
Challenge Race ED.3 Ronchi Serena Switzerland So excited to participate at the competition ! And happy to discover the Eigertour with the meteo briefings, tips and tricks :) ! Thank you !
Challenge Race ED.4 Arild Arnesen Norway Love the mountains, love the adventure!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Peter Kobler Switzerland Leidenschaftlicher Hike and Flayer
Challenge Race ED.3 Dominic Keller Switzerland I am excited to escape from the everyday life and experience a challenging adventure in the beautiful Alps.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.4 Robin Mutschler Switzerland Freue mich auf E3!
Challenge Race ED.4 Itaru Asano Japan Hello.
My job is a tandem instructor. I like adventure. I have heard that this competition is the best. Thank you!
Academy ED.3 Evelina Stepanova Switzerland
This sounds like fun!
Challenge Race ED.4 Gui Padua Brazil Just doing it for the AlpKase... and the Cakes!
Challenge Race ED.2 Olivier Matthey Switzerland J'adore le concept de se déplacer à pied et en parapente et suis super motivé à découvrir une nouvelle région!
Challenge Race ED.4 Pontus Egnell Sweden I love paragliding, mountains and running. Looking forward to this great adventure.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Michael Bernhardsgrütter Switzerland At the1.Edition of Eiger-Tour, I learned a lot. At the 2. Edition I want to learn more.
I like the area and the peoples and enjoy the atmosphere.
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Chrigel Maurer Switzerland Winner of the ED.1 and ED.2
Academy ED.3 Fromm Christopher Switzerland Happiness = Reality - Expectations
Lets have fun.
Challenge Race ED.2 Luca Veronesi Italy I would like to take part to the Eigertour 2019 because I think that this wonderful unsupported adventure race would be great to push my limits a bit further, in a beautiful part of the Alps, having the chance to share it with friends.
Challenge Race ED.3 Bortis Kevin Switzerland Eine weitere Gelegenheit die schönen Berner Alpen zu entdecken. Freue mich auf alte und neue Gesichter, sowie ein spannendes Abenteuer!
Pro Race ED.3 maitre ludovic France maitreludovic facebook
Pro Race ED.4 Martin Beaujouan France I really want to discover this beautiful part of the Alps during an amazing race!
Pro Race ED.2/ED.3 Michael Mimo Moratti Switzerland My participation and experience in ED.2 did not leave me a chance to decide otherwise.
Sorry got to go now and exercise a bit
Academy ED.3 Maaike Kesting Netherlands Looking forward to four wonderful days in an amazing playground!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.3 Jonas Käppeli Switzerland Happy to be back for the 3rd Edition of this amazing adventure through the bernese alps with great people and lovely huts!!
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Michael Küffer Switzerland Hike & Fly races are the last real adventures for office guys like me ;) I participated in the first two Eigertours and was thrilled with this races and their fantastic organization. I am looking forward to ED.3!
Challenge Race ED.3 Mikolaj Kocot Poland Simple formula and pure mountain experience. Can't wait to come and try.
Challenge Race ED.2 Sonja Holzer Switzerland I love the mountains, the nature, flying and of course my home "the Berner Oberland". I ve still not yet visited many of these huts. that would be a nice chance to get know them.
I am absolutely not the competition type. So thats a big challenge for me. But sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.
Challenge Race ED.3 Philipp Pramsohler Italy Happy to glide
Academy ED.4 Floris Bruynooghe Belgium With a background in climbing and mountaineering Floris started paragliding a few years ago. Having moved to Switzerland he has more recently enjoyed exploring the mountains more by paraglider.
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Sebastian Schlegel Switzerland The Eigertour 2018 was not only the hardest but also one of the most exciting events I ever took part. I've learned a lot about my body, my paraglider and race strategy. On the Eigertour 2019 i wanted to use those "lessons learned" and further improve my hike and fly skills. Unfortunately a cable crossed my plans on the first raceday in 2019. So i'd like to go ahead in 2020.
Challenge Race ED.2 Gael Frochaux Switzerland Je me réjouis de découvrir d'autres cabanes et de voler dans cette belle région
Challenge Race ED.2 Daniel Oertig Switzerland Handle the situation.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Wessel Du Plooy Switzerland E1... E2... E3...
Academy ED.3 Artem Malyshev Ukraine I'm new to hike&fly competitions, looking forward to trying it!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.3 Martin Streich Switzerland Die Vorfreude auf ein neues Abenteuer mit vielen guten Leuten direkt vor der Haustüre ist riesig.
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Peter Šimek Slovakia ED2 was one of my best hike and fly experiences. Amazing people, top pilots, beautiful scenery and so on. Let´s do it again !
Challenge Race ED.3 Teuscher Rémy Switzerland Looking forward to discover so many new huts in this amazing region !
Challenge Race ED.3 Indermühle Lorenz Switzerland Best Pleasure,looking foreward! Meteo looks good.
Will try out my new silk sleeping bag🤣
Challenge Race ED.3 Martin Jansa Czechia I like extreme experiences. Comfort goes aside
Academy ED.3 Marianna Brezinova Brezinova Slovakia Summer paragliding school, love that :)
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Daniel Baggenstos Switzerland Zum dritten mal dabei im 2020! Begeisterung, Vorfreude, Leidenschaft. Dies sind die Schlüsselbegriffe welche zur Vorbereitung der ET 03/2020 mich motivieren.
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Florian Textor Switzerland Eigertour ist eine Eigene Tour: streng, freudig, urgewaltig schön!
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Renato Späni Switzerland Eigertour 2019 was an awesome with experience with likeminded friends. Looking forward to race and explore again on the perfect playground to grow my horizon.
Challenge Race ED.3/ED.2/ED.1 Michael Bernhardsgrütter Switzerland Eigertour for the third time. I love the nature and hike & fly, the peoples and the Eigertour. Let's go!
Pro Race ED.4 Michael Coupe United Kingdom
I am looking forward to flying, hiking and making new friends in the beautiful Swiss Alps
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 René Mühlemann Switzerland Ich freue mich auf meinen dritten Start an der Eigertour. Die Eigertour hat für mich jetzt schon Kultstatus. Man muss es erlebt haben. Einfach mega.
Academy ED.3 Bernhard Witthaus Switzerland
I'm looking forward to gain new and exciting experiences!
Pro Race ED.2/ED.4 Frederic Nabet France Round 2, hoping to do better this year!
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Oleg Ace Canada ED.2 was the most difficult thing I've ever done with my paraglider, but it was an incredible experience of extreme highs and lows. physically and mentally. I learned a lot and am ready to challenge myself again.
Academy ED.3 Nora Oelbermann Germany
I love the combination of flying, hiking, learning and the wonderful surounding of the Eiger Region.
Academy ED.4 Lukas Mettler Switzerland Highly motivated but still rookie in the high alpine environment. I hope the Eigertour Academy will give me the perfect introduction to this discipline.
I have been the mastermind of the Eigertour Brand and seen this baby grow since 2017 when the idea was born — I'm more than happy to participate as a athlete.
Academy ED.3 Bernhard Küffer Switzerland It's time for a new adventure
Challenge Race ED.4 Premysl Gilar Czechia
hey, i look forwad to discover new terrains for flyign and competing with the same addicted pilots
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Noé Court Switzerland Découvrir cette région des Alpes en marchant ou en volant.
Pro Race ED.4 Gavin McClurg United States of America 3 X X-Alps competitor (2015, 2017, 2019). Footlaunch distance record in North America (387 km from launch), National Geographic "Adventurer of the Year" in 2014 for a traverse of the Canadian Rockies with Will Gadd by paraglider and the only person to have traversed the full length of the Alaska Range by foot and paraglider. Two circumnavigations by sail and host of the free flight podcast "The Cloudbase Mayhem".
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Johannes Von Niederhäusern Switzerland My wife gave me the participation of Eigertour Edition.2 as a birthday present. Hard to refuse...
Challenge Race ED.4 Lukas Thöni Austria Ich liebe das hike & fly und bei einem solch super Bewerb in einer so Imposanten Gegend der Alpen neue Eindrücke und Leute kennen zu lernen finde ich einfach super. Das gemeinsame erleben neuer Abenteuer bzw das Messen mit anderen finde ich sehr spannend.
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Reto Reiser Switzerland I love to share my passion for hike&fly and compete in this beautiful race. The people and the panorama in combination with this sport motivates me to be perfectly prepared. I can‘t wait for it!
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Sepp Inniger Switzerland After two editions Eigertour I can't imagine a Hike&Fly summer without this great event. I am very curious which huts we are allowed to visit in this edition.
Challenge Race ED.2 Philippo Galizia Italy H&F is the summa of paragliding Comps like Verco and Eiger Tour are the very best of H&F What else?
Academy ED.4 Bertschmann Markus Switzerland Great way to explore the bernese alps and get to know the nice mountain huts.
Challenge Race ED.2 Michel Joulot France Always ready to discover new hike&fly places ... even if it turns into hike&hike ... and really willing to check if any differences in the huts atmosphere and fondue between the Vercofly and the Eigertour.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.4 Eduard Matus Slovakia I enjoy adventures and I had a lot of fun in the previous editions of Eigertour. I learn something new every time and the region is a beautiful place to spend a few days roaming with a paraglider. And many of my friends are signed up as well :)
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Stephanie Westerhuis Switzerland I had a lot of fun in last year's edition and there's always something new to discover.
Pro Race ED.2 Gerald Kernstock Austria I know this awesome area and remember my mountaineering adventures to the Mönch north face and Jungfrau.
Now I will take the Chance to fly in this fantastic landscape.
Challenge Race ED.3 Kälin Bernhard Switzerland It's about the journey, not the destination. I hope to have 3 fun days. Or is it 4 days?
Pro Race ED.2 Alexandre Callet-Bois Switzerland Il y a rien de mieux que de pouvoir s évader du quotidien en l' air ou à pied dans un aussi beau cadre.
J' ai hâte de découvrir des nouveaux coins dans l' Oberland
Academy ED.3 Simeon Rudin Switzerland ?
Challenge Race ED.3 Arno Flitsch Austria After a good and successful first season of competing at Boardairrace, local XC contests and other competitions I'm exited to participate in another Hike&Fly race.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Christian Zumbach Switzerland Die erste Edition der Eigertour war ein spannendes und lehrreiches Abenteuer.
Deshalb reizt es mich erneut, bei der zweiten Edition dieses grossartigen Events dabei zu sein.
Pro Race ED.3 Adrian Keller Switzerland Die schöne Landschaft in Gesellschaft guter Freunde geniessen.
Pro Race ED.3 Mathias Fournier Switzerland xx
Academy ED.3 Dominik Abbühl Switzerland Combining trailrunning, alpinism and paragliding in a world class playground most of us call home, what's to add.
Challenge Race ED.2 Alexandru Rugina Romania I'm excited about the challenge, and hear only good things from my friends who participated last year (Tom, Wessel, Ed). Looking forward to the adventure, and the first experience of this kind.
Challenge Race ED.3 Farner Samuel Switzerland Mein erstes Hike & Fly Rennen! Mir gefällt das coole Format: 4 Tage im Berner Oberland am Fliegen, Schwitzen, Plaudern, Geniessen, Laufen und viel Draussen in den Bergen sein.
Challenge Race ED.3 Anne Jan Roeleveld Netherlands During the 2nd edition of Eigertour in 2019, I attended as a photographer to get to know the race. I am very enthusiastic and motivated to participate in 2020 as an official athlete. For a number of years I have become addicted to paragliding and spend almost all my free time flying. In particular, the combination of hike & fly and XC really motivates me.
Challenge Race ED.2 Menk Winterberger Switzerland Die Eigertour 2019 war grossartig. Ich freue mich bereits auf die nächste Edition.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Marco Medici Switzerland 1, 2 oder 3 - auch 2020 wieder dabei!
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Markus Kohli Switzerland Hike and Fly is my passion, what else ! Again looking forward to the adventure in the splendid Berner Oberland area.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2 Felix Aegerter Switzerland Nach der ersten Eigertour freue ich mich auf die zweite Ausgabe!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Andreas Beetschen Switzerland I have already been able to experience the Eiger Tour adventure twice ... and I am looking forward to the third edition.
Challenge Race ED.4 Marius Teie Norway After many years of xc-paragliding and competitions, I wish to expand my paragliding horizon.
Challenge Race ED.3 David Ferrer Llanes Spain We only live once, so why not challenge yourself while doing what you like most!
Challenge Race ED.2 Faisal Khan Saudi Arabia I'm a passionate paragliding pilot and I travel around the word to fly ( India, Alps, Spain, Dolomites, Africa , Turkey etc) , I've done my 1st marathon and the GR20 trail this year. I'm keen to test myself in combining the hike and fly and enjoy that freedom to embark on bigger H&F in the future.
Academy ED.4 Shawn Schurink Switzerland :)
Challenge Race ED.3 Juan Sebastian Ospina Colombia What a life...
Academy ED.3 Peter Braden United Kingdom
Pro Race ED.2/ED.3 Hannes Kämpf Switzerland Seit 2,5 Jahren bin ich begeisterter Gleitschirmpilot und suche immer neue Herausforderungen. Ich freue mich bei der Eigertour das Berneroberland besser kennen zu lernen und unvergessliche Tage in der Luft und beim hiken zu erleben.
Challenge Race ED.2 Matteo Gerosa Italy Very passionate about H&F. I like the idea to visit the Eiger area either by foot or in flight
Challenge Race ED.2 Christof Graber Switzerland Das Hike & Fly im Hochalpinengelände mach mir sehr viel Spass, ich freue mich dies am Eigertour 2020 mit anderen Piloten teilen zu können.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.3 Roger Fischer Switzerland Ich freue mich auf 4 Tage Abenteuer.
Challenge Race ED.3 Heiniger Nicola Switzerland It will be a pleasure to be able to fly from hut to hut in one of the greatest environment.
Challenge Race ED.3 Arnold Carlo Switzerland Ready to explore the Bärner Oberland!
Academy ED.3 Andrey Vlasov Russia
A new h&f pilot.
Challenge Race ED.2 Raphael Jeger Switzerland I love everything about flying and the mountains, it's where I spend most of my free time.
Challenge Race ED.2 Roberto Marchetti Italy Puro divertimento
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Sebastian Jungo Switzerland discovering new places huts and enjoying an amazing atmosphere.
Challenge Race ED.3 Weber Sebastian Switzerland Rausgehen in die Berge/ Natur, Landschaft und Kollegialität erleben und geniessen - was will man mehr.
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Simon Zwiebel Switzerland I prefer nothing more than a multifaceted adventure in the middle of our beautiful playground ⛰

Age: 25
Flying Since: 2010
Other: I'm as slow as a turtle
Challenge Race ED.3 Mario Wenger Switzerland Looking forward four new challenges
Challenge Race ED.3 Dominik Wicki Switzerland Looking forward to this adventure
Challenge Race ED.3 Philipp Hänggi Switzerland Looking forward to another big adventure!
Challenge Race ED.2 Kinga Masztalerz New Zealand I love the formula of this race and wanted to do it so badly
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Olivier Anken Switzerland Noch einmal, weils so cool war!
Challenge Race ED.3 Zaugg Stefan Switzerland The mountains are my home and flying my passion.
Challenge Race ED.2 Shoresh Teymouri Iran Ich bin Shoresh, komme aus dem Iran und wohne in Ringgenberg.
Ich interessiere mich für das Wandern und Rennen, deswegen werde ich an diesem Wettbewerb für mehr Erfahrung teilnehmen.
Challenge Race ED.3 Joel Fuchs Fuchs Switzerland
Remax Zermatt
Challenge Race ED.3 Auth Florian Germany Up for cruising Berner Oberland!
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Christian Court Switzerland Découvrir de nouvelles cabanes.
Academy ED.3 Christian Knapp Germany I am looking forward to go hiking and flying together with people who share the same passion for nature, alps, flying and beeing outdoors. Going on this adventure together makes it twice the fun.
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Robin Houghton United Kingdom I am an ultra runner turned paraglider pilot and love being in the mountains.The race area with the base of Grindelwald is a truly exceptional to hold a Hike and Fly race. The area is one of the most beautiful in the Alps and flying/running from hut to hut is the essence of an amazing mountain experience.
Academy ED.3 Daniel Svonava Svonava Slovakia This year academy, next year pro category :P
Challenge Race ED.2 Alexandre Lamon Switzerland Pilot since 2005, tandem pilot since 2013 and instructor since 2016. As I flew several times over the playground of the Eigertour from my homeplace Crans-Montana, I look forward to discover it with that race!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.3 Bernhard Senn Switzerland It was a famous race in 2018 and it will be my competition highlight in 2019!
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2 Patrick Von Känel Switzerland
Challenge Race ED.4 Terje Stulen Norway
Searching for new adventures in my flying after years of focusing on racing cat.2`s
Challenge Race ED.3 Giorgio Traverso Italy Fully in love with adventures, challanges and Jungfrau Region...can't wait to put myself on the line and participate to this amazing event!
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.4 René Schimenz Switzerland what follows after 1. and 2.? -> Ed. 3 :)

very happy to compete with all this nice people in this nice area!
In a short time, having fun with like-minded people, gaining a lot of experience and developing at the same time is not often offered. For me, the Eigertour is the perfect format.
Challenge Race ED.2 Fabio Zappa Italy l'hike & fly I think it's the best expression for free flight
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Peter Goerttler Germany Climbing is my life, flying is my dream. Is there a better combination than the Eigertour?
Pro Race ED.3 Stanislav Mayer Czechia Let's explore Apls around Interlaken :-)
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Laurent Monneron Switzerland
Instagram lolofly_
Facebook laurent monneron
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Fässler Christoph Switzerland a pleasure again:)
Challenge Race ED.2 Manuel Siegrist Switzerland
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Marc Delongie Belgium It's one of these adventures you don't want to miss with still a lot of huts to discover!
Challenge Race ED.4 Maurice koller Germany After taking part in the Bordairrace Series 2019 I'm now ready for something bigger in a new area I've never flown before. Can't wait for it :D
Challenge Race ED.2 Angelo Busi Italy I want participate the Eigertour because I am very motivated to complete my first hike & fly race in a wonderful place and I am very curious to know my potential in this type of races.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Oleg Rozkov Switzerland I've taken part in the first edition of Eigertour and it was a blast! Beautiful flights, great memories and good company in the evenings to share the experiences of the day. Looking forward to doing it again.
Pro Race ED.3 Steve Bramfitt Switzerland
I love been in the mountains and flying through the sky, it sometimes feels like telly porting from A to B 😂
Pro Race ED.1/ED.2 Lucien Caviezel Switzerland I would like to take part at the eigertour because I like to do homeoffice. :-)
Challenge Race ED.2 Bendicht Erb Switzerland It told me the lessons i needed on my way and gave me many moments of freedom between ground and clouds. The backyard of Interlaken is probably one of the most beautiful playground for hike&fly and alpinism. Each Hike&Fly Race is a true mirror of my mental and physical skills. So it's time to face them once again. Thanks a lot to the Eigertour-Crew to bring the Vercofly to Grindelwald.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Samuel Trummer Switzerland The Eigertour 2018 and 2019 was really great Adventure and it would be a pleasure to take the .challenge again.
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Monika Egger Germany Mountains and Paragliding is my life.
Pro Race ED.3 Thomas Friedrich Austria I started paragliding in 2012 because my father has a paragliding school in graz/austria. 2016 i competed in my first hike and fly competitions. From there on i have deicated my whole live to this sport. In winter i do a lot of skitouring as enurance training. I´m flying acro as well as comp and of course a lot of hike and fly. 2021 i want to apply to the Red Bull X-Alps :)
I like this kind of competition like the eigertour since i heard from it for the first time. I`m really kappy looking forward to the race :)
Challenge Race ED.4 Einar Bjørkaas Helle Norway Love hiking. Love flying. This will be great!
Challenge Race ED.3 Glauser Andre Switzerland Looking forward for another challenge :)
Pro Race ED.2 Sebastian Benz Switzerland I’m super excited to explore this relatively unfamiliar area by foot and air. Loving the concept of the Vercofly I’m sure the Eigertour will be excellent!
Challenge Race ED.1/ED.2/ED.3 Tom Payne United Kingdom I've been flying for over 20 years and absolutely loved the Eiger Tour in 2018. It felt like playing to the true strengths of a paraglider: flying from mountain to mountain, the flexibility to take off and land almost anywhere, and rewarding self-contained hiking through spectacular scenery.
Challenge Race ED.4 Keisuke Fushimi Japan No challenge no fun. No fun no life :) Japanese paragliding enthusiast living in Austria.
Pro Race ED.4 Ben Abruzzo United States of America I have been a supporter in 3 X I cant wait to race!
Pro Race ED.3 Frédéric Juvaux France Je suis là pour découvrir ce coin fabuleux des Alpes et faire de beaux vols !
Challenge Race ED.2/ED.3 Aline Schäfer Germany I would love to take part in Eigertour as I love to trailrun, climb mountains and paradling and I am sports addicted person in general.

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