Update on Eigertour Edition.2

Some news from the Race organizer:

1) New hut and sponsor: Niesen – this incredible mountain, also called the swiss pyramid will be part of the race and the first pilot of each category to arrive will win a Night with breakfast at the Niesen hotel. Moreover all the pilots arriving will get free food from the restaurant staff.

2) Saturday Height difference challenge will not take place: it seems our concept from last year ist what athletes like. 73 inscriptions for the full race and no inscription for the Saturday event means we cancel it – we will have a bigger route and do not have to bring a second (lighter) equipment to the race.

3) The Saturday night is paid for the pilots and the whole mountain hostel is reserved for us on Saturday 13th of July to spend the night after the race, price giving and party.

4) Tracking system: we will provide you a GSM based tracker from Flymaster with a 2 second resolution. This will make the race much more attractive for family, friends and fans.

5) GPS rescue system: according to the rules, every pilot must bring his own safety gps based rescue device. Don’t forget to organize one since you will not permitted at the race without. We still cross some areas where there is no GSM coverage.

6) Special rates at the moutain hostel for the night from 9th to the 10th of July: Pilots who want to arrive on Tuesday night may write me to get a special rate for that night at the headquarter hotel.

7)….. the season has startet ….. keep on training

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