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Wessel Du Plooy

Lead Academy

E1... E2... E3... E4...\r\nEvery year slogging up some trail in the rain and fog, cold, wet, tired, and grumpy I promise myself that this is the last Eiger Tour I do. Then when in January the sign-up email pops up for the next event, I am as excited as a kid opening a Christmas box. In E1 for me, we were a bunch of strangers competing against each other. Now we are all just a bunch of friends playing outside, swearing at Witschi, laughing and howling in the thermals :D Can't wait!


16. 06. 1980


Ozone Alpina 3


  1. 2018 Challenge Race: Rank 7
  2. 2019 Challenge Race: Rank 8
  3. 2020 Challenge Race: Rank 7