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Iñaki Arrobarren Mur

Lead Academy

Several weeks of volbiv in the pyrenees and some hike&fly competitions. Hi, I am Iñaki from Pamplona (north of Spain), I started flying 5 years ago. I´ ve been doing volbiv since the very first year (a little flying and a lot of hikking at the beginning off course) Last two seasons I´ ve been focused on learning flying high mountains so I didn't compete that much (local hike&fly competitions and the 2021 Spanish hike&fly championship ). I flew all pyrenees mostly doing volbiv (4 weeks in 2022 and 7 in 2023) flying around, looking for knowing new valleys and learning to fly against the strong winds that usually we have here and not that much in to the big distances (of course I love seeing big numbers). In 2021 I did a volbiv course and at the end of last season a toplanding course. After experiencing all kind of situations I consider myself a skilled pilot, physically strong and safe in flying. you can find me in xcontest as "Arroflyer¨¨" or with my name. I will try to send you by email a kmz file to show the extension I flew last two years. Since I don't usually film flights, please give me more time to record some toplandings, I will send them to you as soon as posible. I took the courses with Jose Isidro Gordito a experienced mountain guide (Alps and Pyrenees) owner of "volar en compañia" (https://www.vecparapente.com/cursosformacioacuten.html)


24. 08. 1987


Ozone Zeolite GT