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Compete with the best

Eigertour Edition.6 Pro Race

12 – 22 Turnpoints, distance over 180 – 300 km.

Competition experts only are allowed to participate i.e.: X-alps Participants, Mountain Guides, Winners of long Hike&Fly-Competitions as well as test pilots, all of them with high alpine experience, a high-level physical and mental condition.

  • Former Eigertour Pro Race, X-alps or X-pyr Participants
  • Podium on an Eigertour Challenge Race
  • Test-Pilots and Flight instructors


When you'll be recovered from the X-alps 2023 you'll be ready for the Eigertour ProRace.
But maybe you also want to do a race without a bus and a bunch of people having to follow you. You'll most probably never have to walk on a road and should never be lower than 1600m during the whole race.

CHF 295

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